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We are committed to driving e-commerce everywhere

It all started with a simple question - How do we make e-commerce more accessible and effortless for everyone?

Dpanda (Klip Solutions Private Limited) drives e-commerce everywhere. We help convert platforms into micro-ecommerce sites and monetize the platform’s traffic meaningfully. We empower publishers to add shopping experiences for their audiences and enable them to earn incremental revenue. Our easy-to-use technology and quick plugins offer a delightful experience for all, with minimum effort to start.

We’re opening up a new world of opportunities for brands to market their products in thousands of contextual places. Now brands can serve shoppers right at the point of inspiration, boosting sales and conversions.

Dpanda strives to make a holistic ecosystem that merges content with e-commerce using advanced APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) and ML (Machine Learning). Being at the intersection of publishers - brands - shoppers, we aim to infuse all three, perfectly, delivering purposeful experiences tailor-made for each.

We’re Backed by incredible investors